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Author Topic: Multiple switch installation  (Read 5740 times)

bryan thurnau

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Multiple switch installation
« on: December 13, 2005, 09:35:02 PM »

I am installing (2) 3 way and a single switch in my home.
# switches are located in one box on the first floor and 2
switches on the second floor.  The Porch light (single
switch) and the stairs light are on one circuit while my
chandelier is on another.  The porch and stairs light are
receiving power at the 1st floor box and the chandelier in
the second floor box.   I have a togglelinc switch runnign
the porch light,  a togglelinc companion for the stairs light
in the 1st floor light and a togglelinc plc dimmer for the
chandlier.  The 2nd fllor box has a togglelinc plc dimmer
for the stairs light and a companion for the chandelier.   I
wired all these according to the installation instructions.

Now,  I can only turn one light on via Indigo and when I
turn on a light manually at the 1st floor switch,  all the
lights go on.

I have a feeling it is the wiring of the neutrals since they
are all twisted together.  Should they be separate for each

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