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Author Topic: Macro help  (Read 4944 times)

don kennedy

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Macro help
« on: December 21, 2005, 09:59:30 AM »

 I have written a “midnight potty” Macro
that goes like this:
(G1 is a type 14 EagleEye Motion Sensor)

Trigger Conditions G1 on and
Flag Status ON – 1
End Trigger Conditions
Clear Flags [1]
Turn Upstairs-Hall A3 ON and dim to 42%
Turn Don’s Bedside D2 ON and dim to 42%
Turn Mas Bed Wall Sw A4  ON and dim to 42%
Wait for 1 minute
Turn Mas Bed Wall Sw A4  OFF
Turn Upstairs-Hall A3 OFF
Turn Don’s Bedside D2 OFF
Set Flags [1}

The problem is that it is so slow!  It
seems like an eternity between the “Don’s
Bed” and “Mas Wall” actions.  Everything is
over with, including the stumbling, by the
time all the lights have obeyed the Macro.
Moreover, I don’t know how to Ramp the
lights up.  The first thing I see is a
nuclear flash and THEN the lamps dim – It’s
the best I could do; I would prefer to
start off very dim and come up to a level
suitable for the time of night and
condition of the user, however…

Does anyone out there have any
suggestions?  (Hold it is not
acceptable.  :)

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