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Author Topic: My Wish List  (Read 6024 times)


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My Wish List
« on: October 26, 2004, 10:37:06 PM »

I wouldlike the option to program macros in
the same way that the activity list looks....

All we need is some add ons like (=) (==)
(<) (>) ...

So it would look like this ..........


IF B1 is on and C1 is on turn off A5

This simple text code can be easily done
with the SDK, but that would leave some
people out of the picture.

But as a MACRO TEXT EDITOR it would be
simple and clean - easy for everybody to use

And for those crazzy people like me it would
be nice to have (NESTED IF`s - OR`s - IF
THEN - EQUAL  - NOT EQUAL - ect ect ect...

What do you think X-10
This would be an easy add on !!!

Anybody "eles" like this idea ?????

Rob M
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