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Author Topic: X10 people, please, query status on the command line  (Read 5253 times)


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X10 people, please, query status on the command line
« on: December 20, 2004, 05:59:18 PM »

Can you add the ability for the command line
app to print out the query status, in human
readable format, to the command line?

So if I type this in a command prompt window:

"ahcmd queryplc a1 on"

It would print to the command window a 1 for
on or a 0 for off.

And somthing like a "query a" would return
the status for all plugged in, or rf,
modules.  Maybe a format like:

query a[enter]
a1 on
a2 off
a3 on

I downloaded the SDK and perl examples but
the only example you have for perl is how to
use sendplc, which I'd already figured out.

Any chance to get querying of devices to work
on the command line?
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