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Author Topic: Timer feature request  (Read 6973 times)


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Timer feature request
« on: March 17, 2005, 09:48:19 PM »

Here is my idea for a new feature in the
software (no hardware interaction).

I use timers to give the house a "lived in"
look when we are away, like I am sure others do.

What would be really great is a way to see
this graphically.  Ie, should me a chart with
time on the X axis, and modules on the Y
axis.  Group the modules by rooms.  Draw bars
where the modules are on, blanks when they
are off.  Maybe other icons for devices that
do more than on/off.  For dimmers, you could
vary the thickness of the line.

You should be able to scroll on the X and Y
axis if you had too much to fit on the
screen.  Also, you should be able to zoom the
time line in and out for more or less detail.
Also it may be nice to just restrict the
timeline to various hours, as I don't care
about after midnight and during the day.
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