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Author Topic: Material on  (Read 13938 times)

john a

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Material on
« on: September 07, 2005, 02:19:55 PM »

I have started my own x10 buisness and plan
on selling packages/installing.

My questions is for my own website and
brochures can I used images off this site
or do I need to take my own pictures of
individual products for copywright reasons.

Also, can I use the customer testimonials
on my advertisement site as well?


Kelly Parke | Program Manager

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Re: Material on
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2005, 04:54:08 PM »

John A,
You are welcome to use the photos from our
site, as well as the x10 logo, as long as
they are not skewed, stretched, or altered
in any way. You are also welcome to use
testimonials with proper citation.
We do have a few flyers for your use at; they are
set up for laser or offset printing and have
an imprint area for your business info. Soon
there will be a logo and image page for
print-ready image downloads as images from
the site are low res and will reproduce
poorly. Until that page goes live, please
email me with a list of images if you need
better quality photos for your brochure:
Kelly Parke
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