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Author Topic: Re: Are all x10 products cheap junk? [5 of 5]  (Read 37220 times)


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Re: Are all x10 products cheap junk?
« Reply #15 on: November 19, 2005, 06:07:53 PM »

Hi guys,
NiMh are great in my opinion but lose 1% of
their charge per day or 30% per month just
sitting.Not great for motion detectors.I
have a Weiser power bolt on my front door
and it lasts 6 months on 4AA NiMh.
My problem was not with the batteries as I
thought.I confirmed that by putting the
Motion sensor in the freezer for half an
hour.It seems to have a power save mode when
it's cold and the LED is not powered but a
signal is sent.The problem is the range.They
do not have the range of a camera so the
signal does not reach the VCR commander if
the distance is over 30' with a brick wall
in between.I think larger batteries would
have less voltage drop in the cold and
extend the range somewhat.Would be much
easier to correct if the VCR commander got
its signal from the house wiring.
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