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Author Topic: Can we make this work ?  (Read 7499 times)


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Can we make this work ?
« on: February 23, 2006, 06:14:09 PM »

Congradulations on the new forum, great idea and it looks much more organized. Having people sign up and agree not to post derogatory statments is also a positive move, considering the fact that most people tend to only come to a forum when they need help, have a problem, or want to vent frustrations about your product. Who wants to read a bunch of complaints about how a product doesn't work on a tech forum? WE ALL want to hear about all the people that have MyHouse Online working perfectly and stable. I will wait patiently for the success stories to flow.... here..... waiting.

If there is anyone that has had MyHouse work for more than 48 hours.... please give the rest of us a glimmering hope.

I have every possible option, have spent over $1500 on X10 gear... and for some reason I expected it to be able to protect my property as advertised...."Just imagine the Rush of Excitement, Sense of Control and the Peace-of-Mind you'll have knowing everything that's important to you at home is now just a click away - no matter where you are."

My yard was broken into last night, and $5000 worth of lumber was stolen. I kinda wish they took the X10 Security system too.

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