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Author Topic: X10 Nay-sayers...  (Read 5916 times)


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X10 Nay-sayers...
« on: February 25, 2006, 03:21:15 PM »

I'm always amused by the people who come into the forum slamming X10 products.   ???  Normally they don't even give reasons, and/or examples.

I've been working with X10 stuff for about 3 months.  I jumped head first installing at least 20+ modules and I've been pretty creative with the AHP macros, timers, etc..  I've even ventured into some of the well known mods listed throughout the internet (local dimming, changing a wall switch to use an SSR).  In otherwords, I haven't held back on "pushing the limits" of the technology.

I have run into small issues.  I'll give a few examples:
1.  Needed a filter on a TV.  TV caused noise on ONE of my wall switches which made it ignore signals.  Filter worked like a dream.
2.  I've screwed up a few times programming macros, and usually found the problem to be my own.
3.  A few times I've designated the same house/unit codes to multiple devices and/or macros, causing unusual results.
4.  I wired a 3-way switch wrong one time, and got very erratic results.  Easily fixed it by rewiring correctly.
5.  I already installed a phase coupler (plug in module), although I never got indication that I need it.
6.  I had erratic results from a motion sensor when I didn't read the instructions which said that the motion sensor also turned on/off the code+1 device.

In about every case, I've either found a work around, or I found my own error.  The point is I actually had to THINK and understand the problem, and typically found out that it was NOT a fundamental X10 problem.

Those Nay-sayers need to realize that this stuff is not plug-n-play.  It CAN BE to an extent, but as soon as you get fancy, then you better plan on knowing what you are doing...  Also, they need to realize that "you get what you paid for".  Through sales and through ebay purchases I've found remotes, modules and wall switches for under $5 a piece.  In my mind, I accept the risk that these might be of a medium quality.  Competitive products easily run $30+ each, and can be MUCH MUCH more.  And, even with the minimal investment <knock on wood> , I have not had a single device fail yet; even through my own tampering (mods).

I'll give one example that amused me.  A guy - let's just call him "techy-whiner" - was ticked because the following was occuring:  He had a motion sensor outside his garage to trigger the garage tights.  His problem was that when he would manually turn on that garage switch, then later (while he was under a car working on it), the motion sensor would trigger, and after timing out, would shut OFF the garage lights on him.  What do you expect from a $5 ($13 retail) wall switch?  There ARE premium products out there that will help with this problem.  Also, the Forum gave him several cheap solutions.  But, according to him, the X10 was just crap.  I'm sure the same guy is driving a stock Honda Civic and complains that it does not go 0-60 in 4 seconds.   :-

Well, sorry for my ranting.   ::)  This is a GREAT place to help with your problems, questions, etc..
Learn, figure, and you will love the hobby!

Rob (aka Poursha)

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