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Author Topic: Anaconda Cams and iWitness Software  (Read 13958 times)


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Anaconda Cams and iWitness Software
« on: October 26, 2006, 08:20:07 PM »

I have spent many hours reviewing the boards about X10 cameras and software. I currently use automation and security X10 devices and have a large setup which was a lot of fun to build and program. I am always expanding and changing things around. I am very happy with the product, the support from this board and the response from X10 on the few times I had to contact them.

Since my next move to expand my system is adding cameras the boards were a great help. I picked up 3 Anaconda hard wire cams, added all the plugins to the software and grabbed 4 ninja's for the price of one. I went with wired cams because I have a old house and it won't be hard to run and hide the wires, I can add to the wiring to meet my distance needs and I won't have to worry about my wireless network or my cordless phones. The cams can be mounted on the Ninja with very little effort by way of a small adaptor or just using one screw instead of 2. All the hardware and software installed with no unexpected problems and was fully functional in less the 15 minutes. The quality of the cams met my expectations and the software is working as expected.

I am happy with my choice and the results mainly because of the posts I reviewed on this board first. I have not tested every aspect or explored the endless possibilities with regards to the software or hardware yet. That fun is yet to come and it will be fun for me. I have not posted in the camera section yet but I'm sure I will be in the near future. The posts will be questions asking for help, offering help and sharing ideas.

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