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Author Topic: Transcript of March 10, 2006 Live Chat with Dave Rye  (Read 5756 times)

X10 Pro

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Transcript of March 10, 2006 Live Chat with Dave Rye
« on: March 10, 2006, 03:20:37 PM »

Thanks to everyone who participated in todays live chat with Dave Rye. We'll have more chats in the future, and we hope to see you all there.

We had a little technical difficulty with the chat transcript, so we're missing the beginning. If you missed the chat, here's the transcript:

rdrace42: i tried changing the house address to D as well

Dave Rye: If you're using House Code D, the cameras should be set in groups of 4 (1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16)

rdrace42: so what is the difference between the dip switch on the camera itself, and the ones on the power supply for the camera

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Dave Rye: If you have all 3 cameras plugged in at once, they will all be on at once, so you'll need to switch them off to see one at a time

rdrace42: ok....that kind of makes sense...

Dave Rye: The dip switch on the camera is for the frequency (it matches the ABCD switch on the bottom of the receiver). The letter/number dial on the power supply determines that address for the camera being turned on or off

rdrace42: but should i be more concerned with the settings on the a/c adapter, or the dip switch on the camera?

rdrace42: so they are unlrelated?

Dave Rye: They are unrelated. First concentrate on the dials on the power supply

rdrace42: ok...the dials on the supply should match the camera addresses in the viewer, correct?

Dave Rye: Right

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Dave Rye: The best way to solve this would be to have a person in technical support help you. I can have one of our representatives give you a call

rdrace42: regarding the transmitter...does one setting work better than most? (A,D)

rdrace42: that would be AWESOME if you could

rdrace42: i hate waiting on hold for 2 hours for nothing

Dave Rye: I'd be happy to. You can send me a private message in the forum with your contact information, and I'll have someone call you after this chat is done.

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X10 Pro: Thank you for joing this live chat with Dave Rye, X10's Technical Senior Vice President and 32 year veteran. Is there something you'd like to ask about X10?

rdrace42: do I PM you here?

Dave Rye: Dan Lawrence, I'd like to address your question

Dan Lawrence: OK

X10 Pro: You can PM by looking at the persons profile in the main part of the forum

X10 Pro: Sorry to interrupt

rdrace42: thanks...sorry

*notice*: pplourd disconnected (timeout)

Dave Rye: We work hard to provide many avenues of technical support, and try to be responsive to our customers. Can you explain what you mean by being "lax on requests with problems"

Dan Lawrence: From some of the problem posts on the  Forum, people are saying that they have little help from CS. I personaly have no problems, CS was very helpful when I first ordered AHP.

Dave Rye: That's the experience we hope our customers have

Dave Rye: But, it's true that not everyone is happy on their first try in working with us. That's the nature of technical support in many ways

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Dave Rye: That's also why we have these forums, to provide other ways to reach us, and for everyone in the company to hear from our customers directly

Dave Rye: Many people here at X10 read the forums, including our CEO, so we get the message from our customers when things aren't going well

Dan Lawrence: The new Forums are real asset, and greatly improved from the old forums.

Dave Rye: Thanks, we think so too

X10 Pro: We have a few new people now! Thank you for joing this live chat with Dave Rye, X10's Technical Senior Vice President and 32 year veteran. Is there something you'd like to ask about X10?

Dan Lawrence: My X10 system is very basic. I don't need any of the plug-ins, and I've been an X10 user since the DOS days!

Dave Rye: That's a long time; good to have you still with us

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X10 Pro: If you guys are still thinking about questions, I'd like to ask Dave to tell us about something I think is a use for X10 that not many people know about

Dan Lawrence: I have a very good local X10 Dealer in Baltimore, and he has been very helpful in solving X10 hardware problems.

X10 Pro: Many people use X10 to make their lives easier, but there just as many people who rely on X10 to help them with things they can't do themselves

X10 Pro: Dave can you tell us about how you've been involved with X10 products used by the disabled, and also the deaf or hearing impaired?

*notice*: KRB quit

Dave Rye: There was a product I developed back in 1980 that won an award from the Johns Hopkins University First National Search for Products to Aid the Disabled

Dave Rye: X10's version of it is not around now but Prentke-Romich picked it up and developed their own version which uses X10 modules

X10 Pro: What does it do?

Dave Rye: It allows a quadripalegic, for example, to use a puff-and-sip switch to turn lights and appliances on and off.

Dave Rye: In the deaf and hearing impaired community, X10 products are used for communication around the house. Flashing a light can tell someone to answer the door, answer the phone, or call a child from another part of the house

X10 Pro: I think I saw that kind of thing on Extreme Home Makeover or one of those shows once

X10 Pro: Anybody have another question for Dave?

Dan Lawrence: I don't, but thank you, Dave Rye for taking the time to chat with us.

Dave Rye: You're welcome. If anybody has any questions in the future, feel free to contact me directly:

X10 Pro: We plan on doing more chats in the future, are there any topics you'd like to have us focus on, or other people (or roles) in the company you'd like to talk to?

bigjohn9944: I looked up the XPPF filter that Dave mentioned earlier but I can't find the price....... it's an x10 pro item

X10 Pro: I don't think we sell it directly on the web site, but we should

*notice*: benagain30 quit

X10 Pro: If you call into our sales line they will be able to price it for you

rdrace42: Hey Dave, I sent you a PM

bigjohn9944: I'll call and get the pricing

X10 Pro: Off the top of my head i think it's $30 or so, maybe less

Dan Lawrence: I believe they are carried on the X10Pro website

Dave Rye: rdrace42, I'll make sure we have someone call you as soon as we're done here

X10 Pro: They are, though X10 Pro will direct you to a dealer to purchase one.

bigjohn9944: yes they are Dan but no prices are shown there

Dan Lawrence: I have an offbeat question for Dave Rye.  What is X10's dealer discount for AHP. My local dealer won't carry it (he still carries AH) due to the discount amount , if any.

Dave Rye: I'm not sure how the discount is structured. It partly depends on the program your dealer is using for purchasing. The dealer/contractor program has some basic discounts, and then the discounts are built on volume purchases

Dan Lawrence: Go to http//  - The sell though the Web to anywhere in the USA

Dave Rye: If you dealer works with a sales representative here, they'll be able to help him get the best pricing

Dave Rye: That might also be a good question in our X10 Contractor Forum. The Contractor Program Manager, Kelly Parke is very active there

bigjohn9944: the basic discount is 15% on orders over $500 I believe

Dan Lawrence: I will check with him, the subject came up when I got AHP, I ordered it thorough X10 since he didn't carry it,

X10 Pro: I'd like to ask what you guys think of this chat format.

Dan Lawrence: I think it has much promise.  This is the first time I've been involved in a Chat that wasn't because I had a problem with something.  I suggest that they be held regulary.

rdrace42: well....I thought it was helpful, but I was pretty lucky to stumble on the time

bigjohn9944: I agree with Dan

X10 Pro: I'm glad you think it's worthwhile. The plan is to have them regularly, with different people in X10 participating, and maybe people from the home automation community, or other areas

rdrace42: i just happened to be looking for support in the forums, and saw the listing for the chat.  Fortuitous is what I would call it.

X10 Pro: That is good timing!

Dan Lawrence: Thanks again to Dave Rye, bye!!

Dave Rye: Thanks, Dan. Nice talking with you

*notice*: Dan Lawrence disconnected (timeout)

X10 Pro: Thanks for joining us Dan

X10 Pro: Thanks to everyone else who joined in, too. We'll have more advanced notice for the next chat, and hopefully we'll get some more people involved.

*notice*: rdrace42 disconnected (timeout)

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X10 Pro: Well, about an hour is pretty good I think.

Dave Rye: It went by faster than I thought it would

bigjohn9944: Thanks guys BTW I found the XPPF on the x10 pro site. it's $19.95 b4 discount

Dave Rye: That will solve the problem.

bigjohn9944: Have a good rest of day

Dave Rye: You too. Thanks for joining us
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Re: Transcript of March 10 Live Chat with Dave Rye
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2006, 10:33:47 AM »

We'll have more chats in the future, and we hope to see you all there.

It has been over a month since the last chat.  Is another chat going to be scheduled soon?  I have some questions about X10's future plans/products.  Some of these questions include:

Are there any plans for other 2-way wall modules (especially a wall switch, but also a powerflash)?

The Extended X10 Code Protocol has definitions for Shutters and Sunshades (type 0) and Ambient Light/Temperature Data (type 1), but to my knowledge no modules use these codes.  Are there any plans to build a proper X10 Thermostat, Light meter or blind/drapery/screen controller?


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Re: Transcript of March 10 Live Chat with Dave Rye
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2006, 07:11:31 AM »

I second this, add driveway controlled gates and PC integrated IR controller? :P

Network software viewing too? :)
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