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Author Topic: SLIM FIRE REMOTE MACRO  (Read 7842 times)


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« on: October 13, 2006, 08:31:18 PM »

If this idea has been posted before please let me know and I will delete this.  8)

If you have the  KR19A Slimfire Remote and think you can only controll two devices  you might concider the following to increase the number of device you can control up to four. For example lets program the first button to turn on or off a lamp based on the current status of the lamp. (either on or off)

The macro might look like this. We will assume that the device being controlled (the lamp) is on module B1

1. Set the keychain remote to C1 and C2.
2. set up a macro with trigger C1 on
3. Have the macro (using conditions) check for B1 on
4. If B1 on turn B1 off
6. If B1 off turn B1 on

Pressing button 1 on, on  the keychain remote will cause the macro to run and the macro will then change the state of the desired device. If the device is on it will be turned off. If it is off it will be turned on. C1 off can then be used as a trigger for a similar macro to controll another device. Buttons C2 on and off can similarly be used as individual triggers for two additional devices.

I have been using my keychain remote in this manner for a week now and it works fine.  :) ;D

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