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Author Topic: Problem With Protector Plus PS561 Console  (Read 5582 times)

tom j

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Problem With Protector Plus PS561 Console
« on: August 13, 2006, 11:32:23 PM »

Had a problem with my console the other day as it failed to accept and process my home automation commands. I noticed this as I tried to turn off all the lights  "All Lights Off" before bed. After this I tried the alarm functions by pressing the panic button and found that the all light on all lights off also failed to work, next I just set the alarm off by walking in front of a motion detector and found that the only thing it did was dial out to my cell phone but would not flash the lights or activate any of my powerhorns. As you can imagine at 10:30 at night and with the thought of limited protection for the next day was very frustrating. Well at this point I said maybe I'll have to try to hookup my spare PS561 the one my wife told me I didn't need but I bought anyway one night when that midnight bandit strut for just a occasion like this. So I unplugged the old unit it had a backup battery installed so I was able to keep all my programing, but after thinking about the long process of reprogramming everything, I know x10 says it's easy but when you have 12 sensors it's still time consuming so at the last minute decided to hook up the old unit again and everything seemed to work. That was two days ago and it appears to still be working fine but I'm still concerned about why it malfunctioned in the first place  and with a vacation going up I'm just not sure if I trust this unit anymore. Anybody ever have have a problem like this and any idea what could have caused this malfunction. Thanks

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