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Author Topic: VSR Commander II, Eagle Eye Motion and Scan Pad Remote  (Read 6140 times)


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VSR Commander II, Eagle Eye Motion and Scan Pad Remote
« on: August 13, 2009, 01:03:44 PM »

So I've spent the better part of the last year "lurking" and reading posts and seeing how the cameras work for folks on the boards and have now joined  the ranks of x10 ownership. As advertised quick set up for the basics. But I have run into a few problems that maybe someone can help me with.

First off, I purchased 2 XCam2 and 2 low light B&W wireless cameras with 4 Eagle Eye motion detectors, VCR Commander II, VR42A Audio/Vid Receiver, Ninja Pan & Tilt with the ScanPad Remote, the TM751, and the extras include Vanguard SW, PC tranceiver and USB Video adapter.

I set up the cameras All on House code A with unit codes 1-4 respectively, hooked up the audio/video receiver and can scan through them with the scanpad no issues... first hurdle down  ;D
Then I start with the Eagle Eye Motions. I configure Camera 1 and motion 1 both with HC - A and UC -1, motion detected, no problem. Then move to Camera 2 with HC-A and UC-2, motion detected... no problem. At this point I decide to hook up the VCR Commander II... after a bit of programming, all up and working with the motion in close proximity and recording happens on the VCR as hoped. I set the 2 motions outside in where I hope will be the final locations and go to test detection. So when I go past motion 2, the video flips to camera 2 as expected but the VCR does not come on... so I expect this is a range thing (although it's only 25 feet or so away) cause when I bring it in closer the VCR starts recording with motion again.

So the first question, does anyone have a modification to the Commander II to get better reception?

Now to the next issue that came up while I was trying to get installed, with all the cameras and the 2 motions in place I find if I press C2 on the Scanpad, the VCR starts recording camera 2... no motion was detected, just me scanning through the cameras.... that's weird and I can't find anything on that in the forums. Anyone have thoughts?

BTW: I have DECT 6 phones and my wireless is not enabled.

ANy help here would really be appreciated!!

Brian H

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Re: VSR Commander II, Eagle Eye Motion and Scan Pad Remote
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2009, 01:19:59 PM »

The same A2 AOn signal sent by the second motion sensor is what you sent with the C2 button on the remote. So camera 2 recording was triggered. Someone with a similar setup may have an answer for you.
Have you looked in the X10 wiki or the Troubleshooting tab on the X10 web site? I know that there maybe installation tips on both.

Also most Motion Sensors have a Dusk Dawn feature so your A1 Motion Sensor is going to send an A2 On at dusk and an A2 Off at dawn.
So camera 2 may have dusk dawn strangeness.


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Re: VSR Commander II, Eagle Eye Motion and Scan Pad Remote
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2009, 01:30:08 PM »

Thanks for the links, that was where I started looking first then through the forum and finally went for a post.
The Eagle eye motions are set to detect motion at all times. I would have expected the A2 On just to cause a change to the video image not actually trigger the VCR Commander to record... thanks for the thoughts.
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