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Title: Unable to transmit audio
Post by: stevendworken on September 09, 2007, 11:44:49 PM
Help!   I am a newbie in all this and trying to very simply send audio from one device to another.  I just received a set of the audio/video transmitter-receivers.  I am attempting to come out of a standard audio PA using the "record" line out (this would generally go to a cassette or DVD recorder) it is a non amplified low level signal I am told.  I hook the RCA cables to the sender, insure all switches are set right, the antennas are pointed at each other and hook the receiver to the MD/Tape on my Sony Amplifier.  I get NOTHING.  If I take the output to a recorder I works fine, so I know I am getting signal out, it is just not going to the receiver.  The units are 15 feet apart, there are no devices interfering with the sender or receiver.  What am I doing wrong?  Or is this product just not capable of doing what I need done and not able to do what it was advertised to do?

Thank you in advance for your help!