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Title: Security Module Status (bug?)
Post by: Puck on September 12, 2007, 02:00:50 PM
Over the past few days, while accessing my home through MyHouse Online, I noticed an anomaly with my Door/Window Sensor Security Modules (DS10A) as they graphically appear on MyHouse Online.

I have a many DS10A module's throughout my home that are used with OnAlert; some are used just for automation purposes, and some of these are normally in the open state (i.e. triggered state). When I connect to my home with MyHouse Online, all of my Security Modules appear as closed... even the ones I know are open!

These known open modules will continue to appear closed until their hourly RF check in updates them and only if you still have MyHouse Online connected.

I did find a way to immediately get all security sensors to update and graphically display their true current state. Do a status inquiry:

"File \ Reports \ Status"

After that, the security modules graphics will display their correct current state.

I'm curious if this characteristic is common with everyone. If it is, it concerns me that someone may check in on their home from MyHouse Online and believe that all doors & windows are closed based on what they see displayed.