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Title: MS16A ??
Post by: hpdrifter on October 22, 2008, 09:14:19 PM
I'll try to use the space I created mistakenly here.

I've had a MS16A(herein referred to as a 16 if needed) for nearly 2 months and I had it set on off time of 1.  To use the analog setting in the potentiometer to get the "off" signal; ~45 s..  Worked good AND I got a "Off" registrer on the Activity Log.  Just now got to changing this to a 1 and then 2 for 2 minutes or 4 minutes, respectively.  Never got an "off" signal.  Switched it back to the "1" setting and increased the potentiometer so the off time was ~minute thirty seconds.  Still no "off" signal for "Housecode"Unit code" for which it was set to, but the Appliance module via a macro worked.

????  Is This they way it's supposed to work?  It seems that the HC/UC would still have to be sent for the macro to work, but there is no activity in the AM.