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Title: Keypad Control for Arm/Dis-Arm DS-7000
Post by: WildBill47 on July 12, 2009, 12:11:32 AM
I just ordered the parts but have found another application for my DS-7000 Relay control, should only take me a few weeks to get together, actually it is like a day paroject, but I have other things on my plate. As usual I have it prototyped on my breadboard and it works perfectly.

It is pretty simple, KR10A DS-7000 keychain remote, taken out of the case and the arm and disarm button wired to my relay control. The relay control instead of being activated by an LED in the DS-7000 like my prior project called for it is now activated by a keypad, my prototype is using one that is too expensive to make it reasonably priced for the job so I found a keypad from a place for 12 bucks, if anyone knows of a cheaper one I would be interested.

You can check the posts on my DS-7000 for the details on the relay control, the new greatly simplified one can be whipped up on a perf board in 20 minutes by anyone who can solder. The architecture is exactly the same, the activation in this case in keying in the correct 4 digit code which then drops the activation signal to 0VDC and that trips a relay that "pushes" the Arm button on the keychain PCB, and the same 4 digit code send 5VDC to the relay control that pushes the disarm, mine will be mounted outside the front door. So it is:

Keypad ---> Relay Control ---> KR10A Arm button on pcb ---> RF Signal to Arm the DS-7000 or
Keypad ---> Relay Control ---> KR10A dis-Arm button on pcb ---> RF Signal to Dis-Arm the DS-7000

Since mine will be outside mounted I will have a tamper switch on one screw on the face plate to the mounting box and another between the mounting box and wall, this way is someone attempts to take the faceplate off or pull the box off the wall while in Armed mode the alarm will trigger.

For those that can't DIY from my design, let me know and depending on the number of requests I will set a price point on them and make them and sell them so all you will need to do is set the Set/Reset code and mount the box. I suspect the cost to be in the 30-40 buck range if you provide a keychain remote, more if I have to get them, but they may be more depending on the mounting box cost or could be less if I get a lot of requests, and of course likely a lot cheaper to just DIY from my design and drawings, since the cost will be just the parts you will need to get.

In a few weeks I will no longer have to carry the keychain remote!

Please let me know if there is an interest. My current design uses a 9VDC batt to power so no need to wire anything, the only requirement is that your DS-7000 is in range from where you mount the box.

BTW -- I know the price sounds high since the DS-7000 only costs 50 bucks itself, but the keypad is 12 bucks, the relay control is another 10 bucks, and the mounting box for outside use. Using the SH624 I could also config for delay arm.

I keep finding new uses for this relay control.
Title: Re: Keypad Control for Arm/Dis-Arm DS-7000
Post by: Kramer Chins on July 12, 2009, 07:59:55 AM
>! Very interested in this!

Would love to see some pics of the finished keypad....

 >*< Hate carrying around that BIG keychain remote! Keys, Security Remote, Car Remote..... Just to bulky !!!
Title: Re: Keypad Control for Arm/Dis-Arm DS-7000
Post by: BaBaLou. on July 12, 2009, 08:52:34 AM
Yes very interesting WildBill47,

Like KC, a few pics and maybe a small Video on utube for a demo would be nice if possible.

Ready made would be my choice.
Title: Re: Keypad Control for Arm/Dis-Arm DS-7000
Post by: Knightrider on July 12, 2009, 08:55:03 AM
Detailed parts list would be my choice.
Title: Re: Keypad Control for Arm/Dis-Arm DS-7000
Post by: HA Dave on July 12, 2009, 11:14:34 AM
Very interested in this!....... Hate carrying around that BIG keychain remote! Keys, Security Remote, Car Remote..... Just to bulky!

I agree! Any device(s) that can help eliminate remotes, keys, and other pocket clutter is a good thing. I think... with cell phone [secure] BlueTooth identification, face and voice recognizing, RFID tags, and keypads... much of this bulk should be a bad memory.
Title: Re: Keypad Control for Arm/Dis-Arm DS-7000
Post by: x10dude on July 12, 2009, 02:10:07 PM
I'm also interested in looking at this solution and depending on the job complexity, I might go for the pre-assembled solution. I could use two of them - one for the garage and one for the main door.

My existing solution is a bit simpler, but requires that I carry a key. What I did is get a small steel cash box with a lock. I mounted and secured an SH624 remote inside, which fits just perfectly into this box. Before that, however, I added a small antenna to the SH624 and drilled a small hole on the steel box for the antenna. This allowed the SH624 RF signal to reach the DS7000 since the steel box was keeping the signal inside. Then, I secured the steel box close to my garage entry door and set the SH624 to delay mode. When I come in/go out, I simply open the box with its key, activate/deactivate the system and lock it again.

It works, but when the wife goes out jogging, she doesn't like to carry any keys. Same thing with my sons. At least, they don't have to carry a remote, which is much easier to damage than a small key, but remembering a code is even simpler.
Title: Re: Keypad Control for Arm/Dis-Arm DS-7000
Post by: WildBill47 on July 13, 2009, 01:17:55 AM
I will post some pics as soon as I get the keypad I plan to use. As for parts, it uses the exact same parts as my DS-7000 relay control but instead of a KR19A I have it wired to a KR10A, the security keychain remote.

If you look at my post on the DS-7000 simplified relay control you can see it is pretty simple with just 12 parts, 1 IC, 2 transistors, couple relays and diodes, the other main difference is that instead of a LED from the DS-7000 triggering the relays, it is the keypad. The relays as in the other application are just NO relays that momentarily close for 1/4 sec second, one relay is wired to the Arm button on the KR10A PBC and the other is wired to the DisArm relay.

So the basic parts list is:
Any keypad that will closes or opens a relay when the arm/disarm code is entered, that relay send 5VDC to the relay control board in the other post (the parts list, schematic, and pictures are all there) and wired to the buttons as noted.

The tamper trigger is optional, but that just adds a switch that is NO and closes when someone unscrews on of the screws on the front panel, that mounting box is currently a 4 gang standared electrical box ( less than 2 bucks ).

The only added part is because the keypad I had handy used 9VDC and I needed 5VDC for the relay board so I tossed in a 5VDC regulator, less than a buck. 

The only reason I am holding back is because the keypad I had handy was like 25 bucks and I found a really cool looking one on the net for 12 bucks, the only thing I don't know is if it really works, that is you can program a code in, the one I found is for a "fake" alarm system, but I have an email off to the maker to see if the keypad really works or is the entire thing fake.

I should know this week, if it does work I will order it this week and should have full pics in the next week or so, otherwise I will search out the cheapest keypad I can find and use that, and still should have it knocked out in the next 2 weeks.

I will include pictures, the schematic, block diagram and "as-built" pics just as I did for my other mods. I would rate the complexity as intermediate only because you have to know how to solder and how to wire parts on a perf board, there is no need for a PCB, with a dozen parts it will be easy enough to just push the parts through the holes in a perf board and hand wire them.

This was a generic answer for all the questions, I think I covered everything. The keypad will determine the price, the rest is under 20 bucks my cost. If I have to build them for some you don;t want to deal with the soldering then I will only step on the price a little to cover my time and charge shipping at cost. I am not trying to make money off this really.

Take a look at the prior thread on the simplified DS-7000 mod, one huge difference on this mod is there is no need to open the DS-7000.
Title: Re: Keypad Control for Arm/Dis-Arm DS-7000
Post by: WildBill47 on July 15, 2009, 09:32:04 PM
Small set-back, well not for my but for anyone else that wants to make one of these, I am having great difficulty in finding a Keypad at a reasonable price, the lowest is about 35 bucks for just the keypad, they average around 50+ for anything I would use.

So I have a couple of things on order that have a keypad in them but are for something else, one is 14 bucks, if it workd then I think I can get the overall project price down.

Regadless, if I can't find one at a good price I will still post the plans for those that want to spend the bucks, but you will be looking at 35 or more for the keypad w/relay, an enclosure (3-10 bucks) the relay control board (under 20) and of course a KR10A Security Keychain remote from X-10 or one of the cheaper sources, like ebay...

Will keep you posted on the 2 things I have ordered to see if either will work out, after that I will post plans for those that want to make one any way.

I will also note that you can still do it pretty easily if you just build the relay control board I have already posted the parts list and schematic for and add your own keychain remore PCB and keypad, but this would be more more advanced folks that can read a schematic and solder.
Title: Re: Keypad Control for Arm/Dis-Arm DS-7000
Post by: johng on September 27, 2009, 10:06:43 PM
Wild Bill have you profected this key pad and if so would you build one and ship it for a price?