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Title: Great Grab Bag Deal
Post by: nybuck on January 30, 2010, 04:47:11 PM
I just got my "TV Lover Mystery Fun Bag" and have got to say that I got my $19.99 worth.

It comes with "The Big Picture", "Mouse Remote kit" and "Lola Remote"

The Big Picture is an X10 video sender and receiver and a universal remote.  It also has a VGA to RCA composite video-out adapter with vertical and horizontal adjustment.  I tried the receiver with my X-10 camera and it receives fine!  I would assume that the sender/receiver would work to make a wired camera wireless.  It also is the older design, with just an AC cord, not a wall transformer, which I like better in these days of large plugs and small power strips!  The difference between this and the newer video sender is no built-in IR Pyramid extender.

The mouse remote kit comes with a universal remote and some type of RF adapter for the PC that connects via 9-pin or mini mouse plug.

The Lola remote looks like another universal remote.

My conclusion:  Just a receiver is worth it - Buy one now!   >!

Title: Re: Great Grab Bag Deal
Post by: dave w on January 31, 2010, 02:32:33 PM

Thanks for sharing.
Title: Re: Great Grab Bag Deal
Post by: nybuck on January 31, 2010, 02:46:04 PM
No problem, Dave.  A deal like this, I had to share.   ;D

I tried the remote mouse today.  The software says for Windows 95 and 98 only...  I just connected the serial mouse receiver and Windows XP recognized it as a serial mouse.  That's it.  It worked.  The harder you push the touch pad, the faster the mouse pointer moves.

And to top it off, the remote does 8 devices!  I had it working for my TV, the remote mouse and my X10 modules.   :)%