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Title: Water level monitor
Post by: dbemowsk on June 25, 2010, 09:03:57 PM
 I am working on building an X10 module that will monitor the water level in my back yard pond/water feature.   I am working on a custom circuit and sensor to do the triggering.  A pic of the test sensor is shown below.

The sensor setup will be able to monitor 4 water levels, the highest being where the white wire is connected and the lowest being where the red wire is connected with mid level being yellow.  I was trying to figure out a way to connect this setup to X10 a(n) X10 module(s).  The first thing I thought of were powerflash modules, but if I went that route, I would need 3 of them.  I then thought that I might be able to use an XPT transmitter.  My hangup with that right now is that I don't have a schematic of the transmitter to know how I could wire in the other electronics.  The nice thing about the XPT would be that I could monitor all the levels using only one module.  Does anyone know where I can get the schematc for the XPT?  I tried navigating the FCC website, but am having trouble searching.  It may even help if I had the FCC ID for these.  If I had that I might have better luck with the search.

With this setup I can easily have my pond tell me when the water is getting low, but the ultimate goal is to have a way to automatically fill the pond back to a set level when it gets too low by activating a water valve and/or a pump.  Having the 4 monitor levels I can also have a system to track how fast I am loosing water which can tell me weather it is just evaporating with the heat or if there is a leak in the liner.

I already use X10 to turn on the flood lights and the 120 LED color changing light ring that lights up my fountain.  Once done, I will post details and pics of the pond and how the whole setup works. 
Title: Re: Water level monitor
Post by: Brian H on June 26, 2010, 06:16:03 AM

Grantee Code for X10 is B4S
For the Product Code. Try the first few characters of the model number. Like for a motion sensor B4S and then maybe MS. That should find the X10 devices with a model starting with MS.

Note on the FCC database
If it module does not have an RF transmitter in it. There is most likely no schematic available there or the manufacture has requested confidentiality with "No Public Access".

The XPT probably has a power line derived power supply and the buttons maybe at Line potential. Use care and lots of meter readings.

WGL makes an eight input Powerflash type device but is strictly dry contacts no low voltage detection.

There is a schematic of the Leviton 6315 that the X10Pro crosses to their XPT2.
Left column near the botton is the Leviton 6315 Schematic choice. This may or may not match the present XPT series as I understand they where updated awhile back and the buttons from old to new where not interchangeable.
Title: Re: Water level monitor
Post by: JeffVolp on June 26, 2010, 08:21:45 AM
Yes, I think the Leviton 6315 is the way to go.  I've got a couple myself, but haven't found a good application for them.  This looks like one.

Contact me by a private message if you have trouble finding one.

Title: Re: Water level monitor
Post by: dbemowsk on June 26, 2010, 10:37:44 AM
I just googled the 6315 and they are selling for over $100.  That is a bit steep for me.  I have one XPT left in my parts pile, I may check into brian's theory that the XPT pinout may be similar to the 6315.  I'll plug it in and meter some readings off of the pins to see if I get the 5 volts they are showing in the schematic for the 6315.  I do see in the schematic that the +5v is connected to the line neutral, but I don't think that will be an issue.
Title: Re: Water level monitor
Post by: Brian H on June 26, 2010, 12:27:13 PM
+5 on neutral may not be a problem but common may then be referenced to the Line.
Use care if you go forward.

Title: Re: Water level monitor
Post by: dbemowsk on June 26, 2010, 01:22:58 PM
Care should always be taken when working with high voltage.  Anyway, here is what I found out so far on the XPT.  I had an XP4D-W keypad laying around and I mapped it out since there was not too much to it other than a few diodes and the switches.  In the schematic below, the SW1 dip switch represents the 8 switches on the keypad.
The diodes are high speed switching diodes, but I might be able to figure something out using transistors in place of the diodes to do the switching.  I figure a few transistors and resistors and it shouldn't be that hard to do with the XPT.  Since I technically only have 3 switched water levels, I should be able to do it with this.
Title: Re: Water level monitor
Post by: Brian H on June 26, 2010, 02:34:34 PM
Sounds like a plan.

Please forgive me if I over stressed the power line thing. We had a member extend his buttons on a mini controller and then touched one of the wires. Big jolt and they could not understand why.
Title: Re: Water level monitor
Post by: dbemowsk on June 26, 2010, 04:21:52 PM
Sounds like a plan.

Please forgive me if I over stressed the power line thing.

No apology needed.  That is something that should be stressed to everyone here.  There are a lot of novice users that mod these devices and do not realize that many of these devices get wired directly to the AC wall power.  These are voltages that can hurt and potentially KILL you.
Title: Re: Water level monitor
Post by: tybirdtybird on August 05, 2010, 09:31:04 PM
Sound like this would work in a basement. My basement get flood alot one time it get to 3 feet the pumps went out on me don't know about it.Would be great if x10 would come out with something like this.