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Title: DX7000 no longer shows up in Activehome Pro log
Post by: captainjerky on February 06, 2011, 06:10:59 PM
Hey all-

I have an odd situation here.  When I first set up the DX7000, whenever I armed it, it would show up in the Activehome Pro event log, as K1 or perhaps K4.  Either way, it showed up in the log, and I wrote macros to flash lights triggered off that to let me know it was armed if I was using a remote from the driveway to arm the house as we left.
For some reason, it doesn't do that anymore.  Now, I have macros that trigger off the keychain signals being received, but my CM-15A doesn't receive signals from all the way out in the driveway.
Does anybody else know what I'm talking about?  I forget, was there a way to somehow register the DX7000 with Activehome Pro?
Any help appreciated!