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Title: help a newbie with a Vanmguard ICC alternative?
Post by: erniejt on June 07, 2011, 04:12:44 AM
Hi all,
I am totally lost when it comes to networks and firewalls. Right now I have my desktop running on Windows 7 as does my laptop. I have a wireless network set up at the house which appears to run fine. Here comes the problem....
I'm trying to use the Argus Surveillence remote control and remote viewing DVR software with my existing VK77A Vanguard camera. When I run it from the laptop to the desktop in a "LAN" type situation all is well, but when I try to connect over the internet, I can't seem to connect.
I've narrowed the causes down to two (though there may something out there I haven't thought of). One possibility is that the firewall on the router (or one of the computers) is not allowing the connection. The other possibility I considered it that maybe this connection is impossible because I am essentially trying to connect to myself on the same internet connection (does that make sense?).
I went through the installation instructions for the router (an older 3Com unit) and opened a port, but still no connection.
Being such a newbie to this part of the networking experience, I was hoping someone could talk me through this if it sounds like an obvious fix.
Let me know what other information might be of help.