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Title: EMAIL issues various
Post by: Andytec on October 15, 2012, 03:28:20 PM
The following are email issues which I have experienced and wonder if anyone can help on any of them - thanks

1) I live in S. America on the equivalent of EST . The TIME on the email warning messages I have programmed from the system are usually 2 Hours behind the real time where I am. Nothing I can do will change this - Can anyone help

2) I sometimes get email messages from  AHPGateway@x10.com and sometimes from MyHome... ( something similar ). WHY ?

3) For a very short space of time AND WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING I got AHP messages from my GMAIL account  WHICH I ONLY USE ON-LINE ( ie not under Outlook or similar. This one really puzzled me as there were NO message in the Gmail SENT items related. This one I would REALLY Like an answer to !

4) At 0745 this morning i send several test commands requiring an email response - None were received at the time but at about 1151 I suddenly received all those emails- This is no good at all as if they had been valid warning messages about intrusion etc,. I would have not been warned to respond . Why does this happen ? It is not the first time. About 0900 I did get one normal email message showing that things were OK. Doesnt make sense. Do things get backlogged in the AHP system ?