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Title: Spurious OFF Command?
Post by: XX on April 19, 2015, 04:43:03 PM
Why does Arm/Away on my SC1200, also issue a 2 OFF command?  I had to change the 2 switch module's address to 4 to avoid the problem.  My 3 switch was unaffected.
Title: Re: Spurious OFF Command?
Post by: Brian H on April 19, 2015, 07:05:31 PM
The SC1200 flashes the lights set to the Security Light Address and the next highest Unit Code. If you didn't change it in the setup menu. A1 and A2 are the ones by default.

If the lights going off set to the Light Codes in the console. That is the normal thing to happen.

Signals sent by a SC1200. Using the default Light Code A1 and A2:
Monitored power line signals. With a 1132CU controller. Using Smarthome Manager Essentials software.
A1 and A2 go On. Then back Off.
Arm Home has a short On Off flash.
Arm Away goes On. Then the exit time starts counting down before it is armed. At the end of the exit timer. The console is armed and the lights go Off.

Arm Home:
R: A1 - 6:46:27 PM 4/19/2015
R: A2 - 6:46:28 PM 4/19/2015
R: AOn - 6:46:28 PM 4/19/2015
R: A1 - 6:46:28 PM 4/19/2015
R: A2 - 6:46:29 PM 4/19/2015
R: AOff - 6:46:29 PM 4/19/2015

Arm Away:
R: A1 - 6:46:56 PM 4/19/2015
R: A2 - 6:46:56 PM 4/19/2015
R: AOn - 6:46:56 PM 4/19/2015
R: A1 - 6:47:55 PM 4/19/2015
R: A2 - 6:47:56 PM 4/19/2015
R: AOff - 6:47:56 PM 4/19/2015