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Title: AHP v3.201.... System Seems Stable (knock on wood)
Post by: Eric Edberg on February 14, 2006, 05:40:33 PM

After 6 weeks of constant problems, crashes,
timer & macro reliability, the upgrade to
v3.201 seems to have resolved most of my
basic configuration issues.....

- Creating long macros used to crash ahp
repeatedly. Can't reproduce problem any more.

- Lights would randomly come on from macros
even though that light was not defined in the
macro.  No strange lights anymore.

- ahp would occasionally crash during the
night.  Been up for 4-5 days w/o rebooting.
We'll see about long-term now (I reboot about
every 3 weeks).

After upgrading, I deleted all of my macros
and recreated them for the 10th-teem time and
programed in new timers.

After reading the questionable comments abou
the USB cable being suspect, I also replaced
it with another one. (I seriously doubt that
this did anything, but what-the-hell)

Just wanted to report back that I'm actually
not upset anymore and may even try running
macros from the PC now.

Eric Edberg
Title: Re: AHP v3.201.... System Seems Stable (knock on wood)
Post by: ryan b on February 14, 2006, 05:54:48 PM
Just Curious... do you recommend updating
the interface every few weeks, even if you
haven't changed anything? I have had the
problem a few times where the interface
seems to crash overnight... my lights do
not come on in the morning, and then I am
late to work! Thanks!
Title: Re: AHP v3.201.... System Seems Stable (knock on wood)
Post by: Eric Edberg on February 16, 2006, 11:13:23 AM
I am not a long-term user of the CM15a which
I just purchased for this years XMAS present.
Been dealing with reliability of v3.199 *
3.200 since.  Been using the CP290 and CM11a
for 10+ years.

It seems to me that some users have no
problems with older ahp sw that did not
install the  smart macros module.

In my opionion, SM is most likely a new event
compiler which was not fully debugged.  AHP
often suggested to me to re-build the ahp
configuration file when debugging 3.199
crashes which suggests both data and SW
upgrade path issues.

Downloading badly "compiled" events into the
CM15a will cause crashes.  I experienced
numerous times that it just stopped working
or turned on random and unprogrmmed lights.

So, my suggestion would be to start with a
NEW config file and a freshly installed ahp
v3.201. I also only installed the smart macro
module.  Did not want to increase my chances
of problems by installing the other 2 modules
& cause more problems.

I'm still happy, my system is running for
over a week and my timers/macros are
reliable, all after this 3.201 upgrade.

Don't know what your reliability history is,
STRIPS from your circuits.  These are
designed to eat both power spikes and
spurious frequencies.  If you have any with
telephone jacks in them isolate them at least
while your testing.

I build a X10 scope adapter to monitor the
X10 pulse train in my house early last year.
When just 1 power strip was installed, there
was absolutely 0Vpp X10 signal on that
circuit branch.  This is often an issue that
does not get enough attention.

Eric Edberg