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Title: Macros hand the CM15 - any way to clear it?
Post by: adam on October 02, 2005, 04:29:00 AM
I've had SmartMacros for a while now and I
have to say I found them working ok for
very simple systems, but totally useless
for anything remotely more complex (complex
macros, if-else w/flags etc, macros
triggering macros, etc). If I place two
motion sensors close enough so that one can
trigger both within a short time, this
seems to cause the macro triggered by the
first one not to complete. My conditional
macros which are supposed to execute based
on time of day sometimes execute both
branches (the if and the else), sometimes
it seems some branches execute not all the
way. And in the end, periodically the darn
controller just hangs! When I say hang, it
receives and sends commands but macros and
timers don't trigger anymore. The only way
to clear it is to "Purge Delayed Macros". I
have exchanged the USB controller once
already, same problem. I deleted most of
complex macros, but it still manages to
hang every week or two. So my question is
this: is there a way to schedule a
periodic "Purge Delayed Macros"? This would
hold me over until I finally get the time
to write some of my own software.