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Title: Color vs B&W
Post by: jeff h on January 27, 2005, 09:50:53 AM
How much light do the color cams need.  If I
light the yard with floods and a porch
light, etc, is that enough for 20-30'
viewing range.  Or, will I only see the
exact spot where the flood is the
brightest.  I like the idea of color - but
will settle for B&W if it's must have for
night viewing.

I'm really interested in my yard and not
seeing down the street or anything at

The reason I ask is the Flood Cam and Wide
Angle units are only in Color.  
Title: Re: Color vs B&W
Post by: anonymous on January 28, 2005, 09:11:43 PM
My first cam was color and I had two flood
light fixtures with 2 100 watt lights in
each and it was only good to see a very
small area.around 10x10.or where I would
point it to. I then put in 4x4 pole -15
high with a night day sensor light. This
was much better but it only added a few
feet further that I could see. Oh the light
we set up now well cover 16,000 square feet
and cheaper to run then the motion lights
turning off and on all the time. I now have
the night cams and I can see a block away
and because of the location of my pole
light I can see my back yard and dog run.
Light cost $25.00
Conduit line $15.00
Had 4x4 post from fence work but I think
there around $15.00 for a 12. I just
attached mine to the fence post. My lot is
50x100 and there are a few street lights
here (semi country). Day time color cam is
great to watch the birds, squirrels  and
rabbits. Hope this is some help for you.


Title: Re: Color vs B&W
Post by: jeff h on January 31, 2005, 08:47:50 PM

I think I'll just go with the NightWatch

I'm really wanting 24x7 - and I want decent