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Title: Helpful hints VCR Commander II (UX23A) or UX21A
Post by: poursha on May 16, 2006, 08:49:38 PM
I stumbled around trying to get my UX23A to work at the simple task of turning ON/OFF my TV, via X10 controls.  And, I finally got it to work, so I thought I would put together a short summary of helpful tips.

1)  First off, the operation manual sucks...  This source is just a bit better (same basic info, but clearer, and gives help):  http://kbase.x10.com/wiki/Setting_Up_and_Learning_with_VCR_Commander

2)  The UX23A does NOT receive X10 powerline signals.  It receives RF signals.  So, that is why it does not work directly with a PR511 motion light.  However, you can use an RF transmitter to send a powerline signal into the air, that the UX23A will receive.  In my case, I just setup a macro in my AHP with CM15A to SEND RF.  It works great.  I don't know what other RF sending modules are available.

3)  When I programmed the IR like it said to (program REC first, then STOP), it always errored out after STOP.  For the REC I was programming it with my TV ON/OFF IR signal.  For the STOP, I was trying to program it with just a dummy IR Command.  What I ended up doing was just programming the REC only, and letting it time out (10 seconds).  This worked.  And, it was fine for me since the REC (in my case TV ON/OFF) is all I wanted.

4)  Don't forget to unplug the IR emitter when programming IR.  I missed this at first.

Now, I have my TV ON/OFF programmed into a multi-button wall switch, so I don't have to find to blasted remote as I'm headed up for bed.

Have fun!

Title: Re: Helpful hints VCR Commander II (UX23A) or UX21A
Post by: wa5tef on July 10, 2006, 05:34:09 PM
Rob:  This VCR Commander must be a piece of junk from all the posts I have read.  I have tried several times over the past few months to program the darn thing and it just won't work.  I can get as far as the "stop" command and when I press the "stop" button, no lights, no beeps, nothing.

I tried support@x10.com but of course, no reply.  I know this post of yours is quite old but maybe someone will read this and tell me what I am doing wrong.  I've tried all the tips listed on this site and nothing works.  Also, I do not understand why the IR emitter has the three or four units when only one should be needed? 

Comments or suggestions anyone?  I'm about to pull my last three hairs out trying to get this stuff to work like the company says they will.
Title: Re: Helpful hints VCR Commander II (UX23A) or UX21A
Post by: GordonV on September 13, 2006, 01:52:54 PM
I have THREE vcr commanders that I have purchased over the years. Until last night, I had never been able to get one programmed.
I don't know why, but it seems the type of remote makes a differance. I have multiple remotes programmed for the same VCR. Only one of them, it turns out, works with the VCR Commander.  My guess is my other remotes put out a stronger light, thus causing signal clipping on the Commander.  If you have a good quality remote, try dimming its light by putting something translucent in front of it. The remote that worked for me was the X10 PowerHouse 6n1. With that remote, I was able to program the VCR Commander on the first try.
Title: Re: Helpful hints VCR Commander II (UX23A) or UX21A
Post by: JimC on September 14, 2006, 06:47:26 AM
This VCR Commander must be a piece of junk from all the posts I have read.
Actually the VCR Commander is a great unit. The problem, as stated previously, is that the instructions are not the best but if you follow them exactly as written,  step by step they will work. I have found it best to completely clear the Commander and start over if one of the steps does not give the desired result. It took me an hour to get mine programed but it has worked flawlessly for the past year. ;D

Title: Re: Helpful hints VCR Commander II (UX23A) or UX21A
Post by: tib67 on November 07, 2006, 10:39:50 AM
When I press Stop, That is when nothing happens, everything is fine up to that point. The instruction says press stop and release, it flashes 8 times, I get nothing. So is it Bad or what? Someone must know how to program this Mickey Mouse thing if it's possible.
Title: Re: Helpful hints VCR Commander II (UX23A) or UX21A
Post by: JimC on November 07, 2006, 11:53:04 AM
tib67 ,

You might want to check out the following link.  It contains a lot of information about programming the VCR commander.  Don't let the frustration level get to you.  ;) This thing can be a pain to program but IMHO it is Worth the effort once accomplished.


Good Luck and let us know how you make out.

Title: Re: Helpful hints VCR Commander II (UX23A) or UX21A
Post by: tib67 on November 08, 2006, 01:31:25 PM
It is not working, I must exchange it for a new one.
Title: Re: Helpful hints VCR Commander II (UX23A) or UX21A
Post by: glt on December 18, 2006, 03:24:21 PM

Another note:

The UX23A likes the ADDITIONAL motion sensors you want to learn to be on the same HOUSE CODE as the first one that is learned.

Another common error (I think) is that your first hold down rec to tell it you want to learn IR and then you press rec AGAIN to tell it you want to learn the record button from your remote. Then just complete the instructions.

And yes, a palmpad can substitute for a motion dectector during the learning  process (assuming you press the key corresponding to the same house and unit code as the motion detector you are simulating.)

Title: Re: Helpful hints VCR Commander II (UX23A) or UX21A
Post by: Jeremyj on January 02, 2007, 10:47:30 PM
I have used motion sensors to trigger an appliance module to turn on and off a time-lapse VCR that is in the “rec lock” mode. This seems better than trying to program the commander unit, which I own but not have set up yet.
Title: Re: Helpful hints VCR Commander II (UX23A) or UX21A
Post by: dgarces3 on March 11, 2007, 01:23:18 AM
hello, guys NEWS to those who have tried and failed learning the VCR Commander. I myself have tried the commander and gotten to the point to the stop feature and was not able to program the stop feature. i just tried this 3-10-07 @11:36pm and i got my commander to store the stop feature (which was giving me a hard time) this is what i did and it worked for me: i used my vcr which is a VCR combo which i bought at walmart for 69.99 brand Magnavox model # MWD2205, a sensor eagle eye, a VCR commander II: (PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM FOR MORE TIPS)

step 1) i installed 2 AAA Energizer batteries on the sensor.

Step 2) plugged the power supply for the vcr commander. (did not connect no module, no transceiver, just my sensor, my vcr combo and vcr commander II)

Step 3) pressed and held the play button until the red lights stays on

step 4) i had my sensor faced down on next to me on my sofa and just grabbed it by the edges and flashed it towards me and there was no need to press the HOUSE button. just flashed it at my body and my vcr commander detected it and the beef went off and then the light went off which meant that it already detected the code for the sensor.

step 5) i pressed and held the record button on the VCR Commander until the red light stayed on.

Step 6 ) i pressed and released the record button to store the record function. NOTE: what i did in this step was and is very important: i let go the first beep (you know it gives you 5 seconds or 5 beeps to store the record function) as soon as the first beep went off i pressed and held the record button before the second beep went off and held the remote control very close to the IR in the back of the VCR commander they were at most 1/8 of an inch apart from the IR transmitter on the remote to the IR transmitter on the back of the vcr commander. the light blinked and stayed on

Step 6) i pressed and released the stop button on the VCR commander and it also gave me 5 seconds and 5 beeps to store the stop function. i also held the control of the vcr and the vcr commander very close 1/8 of an inch apart from IR to IR and it did store the stop function. the light went out on the vcr commander and came back on and it was learned

TIP: you might try by placing your remote control of the vcr to touch its IR transmitter to the transmitter on the vcr commander (lense to lense or glass to glass or whatever you want to call the IR transmitters) to store the learned codes during the process to see if that might help. steps 1 - 6 worked for me and it was what i did.

i did not do anything else other than these steps. please comment if you tried and if it worked for you. worked for me! cheers i will see this post for any updates or replies
Title: Re: Helpful hints VCR Commander II (UX23A) or UX21A
Post by: Chaz24 on April 23, 2009, 10:04:30 PM
Hope I did this right. Anyone having trouble setting up their commander can try this video out. It was helpful to me.