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Title: Wireless cameras don't work properly
Post by: Gymrat on May 29, 2006, 04:15:27 PM
For months and months I've been trying everything posted and everything I can think of and stiil can't get a good picture. If I place a camera within 6 feet of the receiver it's o.k.  All of the posts under trouble shooting say pretty much the same thing. Don't put them near anything else electrical and they work. Including cordless phones, computers, anything that creates "noise" on the line and, oh yes, a t.v. Are you people kidding? Then how the heck are you supposed to monitor them? X10 doesn't tell you this stuff before hand. We are all a bunch of guinee pigs and they want us to figure it out because they can't. The wireless cameras are GARBAGE!

                                                        THEY ARE CRAP!