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Title: A macro using a unit code
Post by: _m_k on August 21, 2006, 10:32:00 PM
Example with standard macros:
Unit codes:
  B10: Stair
  B11: Room1
  B12: Room2
  B13 controls B10, B11
  B14 controls B10, B12
  B15 controls B10, B11, B12

It is easy to set up the above macros, but a minor problem is that when you press B13, B14, or B15, you must wait five or more seconds to see if the macro works.

Example with macros using unit codes:
Unit codes:
  B11: Room1
  B12: Room2
  B13: Stair
  B11 controls B13 (as well as B11)
  B12 controls B13 (as well as B12)
  B13 controls B11 and B12 (as well as B13)

Two great advantages:
  1: You use only three unit codes instead of six as above.
  2: Response of macro is (almost) instantaneous! No need to wait five or more seconds to see whether a macro is working.
      Note: If you press macro B11 on/off, then Room1 (B11) is instantaneously on/off, so you know that the macro is working. You must still Wait for stair (B13) to be on/off five or more seconds.

Active Home will not allow you to create a macro using a unit code.
I will explain a procedure in the next message.

Title: Re: A macro using a unit code
Post by: _m_k on August 24, 2006, 07:12:09 PM
To create macros of above type, do the following:

Open ActiveHome.
Create unit codes:
  C11: Room1
  C12: Room2
  C13: Stair
  B11 controls C13
  B12 controls C13
  B13 controls C11 and C12
Save the macros, uploading or not.
Edit the macro file by Notepad.
Change C13 to B13, C11 to B11, C12 to B12.
Save the macro file.
Open ActiveHome.
Open macros.
B11, B12, B13 are undetermined, but they are there.
Upload the macrofile.