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Author Topic: PanTilt grabs wrong video source  (Read 12226 times)


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PanTilt grabs wrong video source
« on: September 12, 2006, 06:41:18 PM »

My laptop runs HomeWatcher 24/7 . This motion sensing software connects to my Logitec webcam.
I just installed PanTilt Pro with VA11A video adapter. All installed well. However PanTilt Pro is ignoring the VA11A and instead grabs video from the Logictec cam (which causes problems).
Is there a way to tell PanTilt which video source to use?
XRay vision allows one to select a video source. PanTilt seems not too. Is there a registry key I can change?
Thanks in advance!
Laptop is running win98 (or maybe it is ME).

One week later; FOLLOW UP:
 I uninstalled all x10 drivers and my Logitec web cam drivers. I also swapped the cameras usb ports (thinking PanTilt was going with First Found). This seems to have done the trick. PanTilt now finds the VA11 adapter and Logitec finds the IM cam. Problem now is that PanTilt wants too much system bus bandwidth (70% on my 700MHz laptop) so I can not use PanTiilt with my HomeWatch software unless there is some way to get PanTilt to take fewer video samples per second.
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