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Should Newbies That Invest No Time What-So-Ever SEARCHing The Forums...

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Author Topic: Should Newbies That Invest No Time What-So-Ever SEARCHing The Forums...  (Read 88340 times)


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Re: Should Newbies That Invest No Time What-So-Ever SEARCHing The Forums...
« Reply #60 on: January 16, 2007, 05:28:55 PM »

Welcome aboard!
There is such a place for newbies to find answers! X10 knowledge base (wiki)
Also check some of the threads started by TakeTheActive like :
Topic: TTA's X10 Troubleshooting Tips Thread [Updated: 2006/11/18]  (Read 3621 times)
And my post:
 Topic: Having X10 AHP Problems? Please Read This First!  (Read 12055 times)
Most questions asked here have been answered 10 fold just do an advanced search for something a simple as a phase coupler and see the resulting posts! ;) :D ;D
The simple fact is most new users want a quick answer and don't want to search or read! ::)
Now there are some that do take the time "they are the ones with stable systems!" ;) :D ;D
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Re: Should Newbies That Invest No Time What-So-Ever SEARCHing The Forums...
« Reply #61 on: January 25, 2007, 07:22:08 PM »

I'd like to answer the question with another question: Why doesn't X10 take the brainpower and real-world experience of the top contributors here and provide a USEFUL manual with their products?  Wouldn't it be great to get your AHP bundle and find some great, clever Smart Macro examples included, or a FAQ pointing out the best way to trouble-shoot common problems? 

Can you imagine buying a SONY HDTV, not getting a good picture, going to the SONY web site and then getting help from other SONY users, but not SONY staff???  X10 is getting a free ride from you great people.  I'm amazed they don't send the "top guns" here regular free product samples, T-shirts and other goodies!

By the way, I live in the Seattle area, and I'll bet that if I took a $50 AHP starter kit to the average house, and randomly set up the CM15A and tried to automate a lamp two rooms away, it would probably work less than 30% of the time.  Between noise, phase coupling issues, and lousy RF reception on an unmodified CM15A, the average new user doesn't stand a chance.  I love my X10 stuff, and now that I have invested a lot of time, effort, and money into it, I have a super-cool and reliable setup.  But X10 is still geared for interested hobbyists, not for the average Joe or Josephine.  After all, I didn't have to learn about radio transmission to work my AM/FM clock radio, and I didn't even have to learn about the complexities of internal combustion to drive a car!  But I certainly had to learn about X10's transmission scheme, noise and noise filters, and phase coupling alternatives before I could get my system to work at all.  AND I had to void my CM15A's warranty in order to get RF reception throughout my entire house!


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Re: Should Newbies That Invest No Time What-So-Ever SEARCHing The Forums...
« Reply #62 on: January 26, 2007, 01:41:35 PM »

What does it matter how long someone has searched or whether they are a newbie? When someone needs help, thay ask and if someone chooses to reply and help, how does that harm you in any way? All our lives we are taught, if we don't know something ask. If we need help ask. Now you feel there is something wrong with someone asking for help, just because they haven't met some standard? What next, we decide how long they are required to search? What avenues they use? I am a newbie, if I need help I will ask. Maybe I don't have time to spend reading a thousand posts to find a question I have, that was already asked and answered. Again, how does any of this harm you? If you don't want to read their question or help, fine, someone else will most likely.

HA Dave

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Re: Should Newbies That Invest No Time What-So-Ever SEARCHing The Forums...
« Reply #63 on: January 26, 2007, 08:08:51 PM »

Welcome to the forum robster and teb2007!

I agree with BOTH of you!

X10 needs to built a tutoral Web Page, that teaches the X10 basics! It could even serve as an "entry" for NON-registered users.

A nice intro to X10 (maybe with some flash graphics), could save newbies both time and frustration (and support phone calls). Instead of reading a thousand posts trying to "extract" a knowledge base here.

The forum could then function more for finding creative solutions to unique problems. And as a depository of information for those of us that ENJOY reading and increasing our knowledge of X10.

X10 staff does read this .....right?
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Re: Should Newbies That Invest No Time What-So-Ever SEARCHing The Forums...
« Reply #64 on: January 30, 2007, 07:26:33 AM »

Finally going to reply to this post after disregarding it for many months.Newbie = new to x-10 not dooffus or lazy.

Being a newbie to this forum myself although have been reading posts for months before signing up ,all the info within this forum is a lifesaver and a way to keep newbies from throwing x-10 out the door through frustration.
Guys like puck,tuiceman and so many others bring not only information,tips,mods and so on but also show(from their answers to take the active) that they truly understand why forums as these are created and that problems always have solutions if you're willing to listen to advice from others(experienced members) who have encountered similar problems before younewbies like myself.
Read these posts for hours day in day out and 99% of the time don't log in unless to respond or help someone as i have been helped in the past or to answer strange posts like the one here from "take the active" who for whatever reason seems to have had a bad day when he posted this "SURVEY".

Like many wise members have replied to him and quite frankly life is the same way.If you want to help then do it simply out of the kindness of your heart and out of courtesy to your fellow x-10 user and if you don't want to help ..that is your prerogative and your advice on these forums (constructive) are appreciated but please don't complain about it!It is a waste of your time and space on this forum as well as insulting to newbies like myself who yes sir work very hard at getting x-10 working after reading hours of tips from here without logging themselves on.And so what if someone only logs on once a year.Maybe he only had that problem(lucky him) to fix.

And please all this said with no disrespect intended to anyone especially take the active.


P.S.By the way FYI take the active not only do i read and work hard in this forum but also go to cocoontech and accessha forums(which i never log into nor am member of) as I'm sure many others here do on a regular basis.
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