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Author Topic: Dual Floods Mess up the Works:  (Read 3029 times)


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Dual Floods Mess up the Works:
« on: September 24, 2006, 01:52:41 PM »

Hey There Forum Mates* * * I had so much trouble setting up my 4 Camera system, using 2 'Dual Food Cam's', and 2 Ninja's 1 w/ B&W, the 2nd. 'Ninja' being a color Camera:

Nothing was working properly * * *

Tuicemen looked over my system... put it into work and was having the same types of problems ... His advice..."Drop the Dual Floods"...

I did drop them, and the other two camera's worked fine * * *

I put the "Dual Floods" back into my system and thought all was ok...

2 nites ago my house was robbed... and I received "NOTHING" from my X10 system ... Just when I needed it to work ... If these camera's don't work together, why are you people selling them together???

I'm going back to the two camera set-up... I have spent my last dime with X10 and I wish I never spent the first!!! ...

Does anyone know about these Flood Camera's .. Let me know ... I would love to compare notes...

There is alot to be said about a simple wired camera, with a monitor, and recorder... in retrospect the old system was just fine...

I wish I...             Budwah
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Re: Dual Floods Mess up the Works:
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2006, 08:09:24 PM »

I have two floodcams and 5 cams in my house.  The 5 in house cams have been great.  The floodcams, on the other hand, have not.  Just today, the lights were on on both floodcams in the middle of the day and would not shut off!  I have read every post and applied every spell out of my spellbook and have still failed.  I have attached the magic flaps to the hood of the cameras to deal with the floodlights shining on the sensor.  I like to leave MyHouse Online open and leave it on a specific room to watch, but the floodcams keep turning on and screw up the viewing.  I cannot figure out the difference between manual mode and auto mode other than it is there to give you false hope.  These might work fine if you only had floodcams, but for our situation, it seems to be nothing more than a headache.  I have attached my activity log.  The forum does not allow you to upload HTML files (I found that out when I tried to reply last time and it errored out removing everything I typed) so if you want to view the file properly, save it to your desktop and rename it to log.html.  Notice in the log that there is constant activity from the floodcams (A6/A7).  I would sure like to know why.

If there is anyone who has figured these things out, please let us know what you did!
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