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Author Topic: Don't Send Customers To Customers Will Know How I Get My Stuff  (Read 10691 times)


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Hello there to all. I am interested in re-selling the video monitoring systems in Trinidad
& Tobago. I live in Brooklyn, and will be gone in a few weeks to reside there. But it has
occurred to me, that when x10 sends my customers to
OR, that it would not be too long, before my customers
figure out where I'm getting my equipment, and even worse...other businessmen as well.

I will be the first to point out, that this may not be a concern for other resellers, as you
all can install this equipment in one client's house, and the guy next door doesn't even
speak to that customer. This is not the case in the Caribbean, where I know this
product can be a hit.

Is it at all possible for x10 to send customers to a site which neither refers to x10
in the domain name, nor lets the customer know that he's using the x10's Vanguard
system in the title of the webpage, OR on the video screen?

If you tell me that I have to purchase at least a certain amount of equipment, before I can
make this request, that will definitely be a reasonable response. The only thing I ask, is that
you let me know what this amount will have to be, so that I know what I need to do to
make this a reality. I am 100 percent sure this would be of benefit to some other resellers
as well.

Can any of the resellers weigh in on this for me?

Bye for now, and thanks for your time.

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