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Author Topic: Converter for .ahp files for use in Active Home ?  (Read 9552 times)

Dan Lawrence

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Converter for .ahp files for use in Active Home ?
« on: November 02, 2006, 01:17:41 PM »

Does anyone make a converter to use.ahp files for use in Active Home? 

I'm setting up a older Viao laptop runing ME with Active Home as a backup if the main system with AHP ever fails. I've created all the .x10 files with addresses and times, plus the single macro that AHP has.  Of course I had to do it all manually as Active Home cannot read the .ahx files, even if the suffix is renamed .x10. The data is there, but AH can't read it.

You can import .x10 files into AHP and it converts them.  I did that when I got AHP, saved a lot of time.

So, as the title says, "Converter for .ahp files for use in Active Home ?"  Might be useful.

Interesting sidebar comment. with both AH and AHP running, there is no clash if all addresses are the same, each will read actions and adust the module status as they are changed.  Find Other Computers doesn't even find anything strange.
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