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Author Topic: KR15A and SH10A Supported?  (Read 13764 times)


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KR15A and SH10A Supported?
« on: December 17, 2006, 11:59:13 AM »

Is the Panic Button Remote Control (KR15A) and the PowerHorn (SH10A) directly supported with the OnAlert plugin?

I would like to use the KR15A to trigger a macro, and be able to use the SH10A as a (loud) sounding device.  I know that the SH10A needs some special (odd) mix of commands to trigger.
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Re: KR15A and SH10A Supported?
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2006, 12:55:31 PM »

Short answer is Yes! I don't have a power horn PowerHorn (SH10A)
but the Panic Button on the Remote Control (KR15A) can be programed into On Alert!
You can then trigger macros with it!
so you'd just use the panic button as the trigger for the macro and send the address for the power horn then according to the manual
5. To trip the SH10A from any X10 controller (if you hear a strange noise at
night, for example): Press Unit Code-ON, then Unit Code-OFF, then Unit
Code-ON, repeatedly. The SH10A will sound for as long as you keep
pressing ON and OFF and will stop a few seconds after you stop pressing
buttons. Or press Unit Code-ON and hold the button pressed for a few
seconds. Or press All Lights On, then All Units Off, repeatedly.
6. You can use the SH10A as an annunciator: Press Unit Code-ON, on any
X10 Controller and then press Dim or Bright. You will hear a ding or a dong
for each button press.
So depending on the sound you wish thats what you add to the macro! ;) :D ;D
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