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Author Topic: Seperating VR36A and CM15A antennas improved range of CM15A  (Read 6627 times)


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Seperating VR36A and CM15A antennas improved range of CM15A
« on: February 03, 2007, 07:19:32 AM »

There is a very long story that goes with this but I will save you.

If you are having problems with range on the CM15A and you are using IWitness it may have something to do with the VR36A.
I moved mine and everything is working GREAT now, wasn't working that good before.

The antenna move did 3 things - Different outlet, different USB port, different placement.

VR36A was 2 shelves below the CM15A - with antenna mod.
Hadn't moved the antenna to the attic yet because its winter here.
Winter + Cold = Do It In The Spring...

The VR36A is now across the room about 10 feet away from the CM15A antenna.

I know they were both on the same electrical circuit and still are.
USB port was shared with the USB mouse now on its own USB port.

Range was non existant before its at least 50 feet now using KR10A as test sending device - haven't tested further yet...
Its winter here - Winter + Cold = Test It In The Spring.
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