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Author Topic: Software registration & Activehome Redirecting Reseller Customers  (Read 10041 times)


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Some points that I've been unable to get answered ever since I've been a reseller... maybe Kelly can redirect me to someone who can address these issues:

1) When I purchase X10 product that comes with software, it is always registered to ME instead of having it left "open" so it can be registered to the end user.  I'm constantly being asked who this guys is who's name is on my software.  Most professional software comes unregistered, and the user is prompted to register when they INSTALL IT.

2) The Activehome software has a million links to "buy now" for additional modules.   All of those links redirect people to and NOT my site, which in essence is taking customers away from the reseller.  Resellers should be able to customize a version of the software that, at the very least, turns off these links.  Or as a second option, would credit the reseller affiliate ID with the sale if they buy something through the links.  Since the lead came from the reseller in the first place!

3) There should be static links to download the software, or at least provide copies of the software to the installer/reseller.  I often get people complaining that the system they're installing the software on, doesn't have an internet connection, and therefor they can't finish the install.

4) X10 contractor pricing is available for EVERYONE to see... the site is not password protected!  Someone searching for X10 pro products can find id.

5) There should be a password protected forum for contracts only, that the general public cannot see!  Likewise for the affiliate program.

Thanks for your time.  I've been happily selling X10 products for a few years now, but would love to have someone finally address the above issues.

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