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Author Topic: Monitoring codes via CM15a  (Read 7775 times)


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Re: Monitoring codes via CM15a
« Reply #15 on: July 07, 2007, 11:21:51 AM »

Sorry Vindi2 - I feel like I steered you down the wrong path with the Leviton switches.  I had no idea you already had that many X10 slave switches installed.  I recommended the Leviton because they happen to be what I'm familiar with.  I would doubt that the RWS19 is compatible with the Leviton - maybe one of the other forum members has direct experience.

I am not familiar with the X10 brand switches in a 3 way (or more configuration).  I did a quick search of the X10 site and couldn't find a 1000 watt dimmer.  Maybe something in the X10Pro line (forum members - some more help)?

Another option would be a 10amp relay switch - again I'm not sure that an X10 relay switch is compatible with your existing RWS19 Slave switches. 

Another option would be a 10amp relay switch.  I forgot about surge current with incandescents - Anyone know what incandescent rating of a 10 (or 15A) X10 brand switch?
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