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Author Topic: Integrated Power Technologies introduces new home automation software  (Read 16448 times)


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Integrated Power Technologies, Inc., an Alaska-based corporation with more than 15 years of experience in electronics, embedded systems, graphical programming environments and home automation, announces today that it has begun releasing its first home automation software – HomeZIX. HomeZIX is an inexpensive, easy – to – use software working with multiple technologies and supporting wide range of devices from household appliances, sensors to webcams and IP cameras.

Supports multiple technologies (currently Z-Wave, Insteon, and X10)
HomeZIX enables automation features from different technologies working together to achieve broader functionality for your home automation. This feature is especially convenient for those who are using the older yet popular technology – X-10. With HomeZIX, they now can integrate other devices such as Zwave, Insteon, etc.. into their home automation systems. Bridging multiple technologies is a feature that not many home automation software support.

Easy to use
HomeZIX is floorplan-based home control software. Users can model their home by a variety of third party graphical applications like Chief Architect, Photoshop, Google Sketch or MS paint. After that, they can insert those blueprints into HomeZIX and simply drag and drop to populate appliances according to their real locations. This will help users control appliances more effectively than list-based home control software. More over, with HomeZIX, people can easily control Z-Wave thermostats such as scheduling, creating multiple set-points to maximize the comfort of your home.
Interactive and intuitive
HomeZIX employs an interactive fashion to connect the user and application. Device statuses and operations are visual and interactive. Further more, users can customize appearance of appliances.
Camera surveillance
HomeZIX supports X10, IP-based, and USB webcams to deliver a fully-power of supervising every corners of your house.

Powerful advanced scripting capability
HomeZIX includes everything to compose, compile and run automation logic in C#, the most powerful and popular programming language. HomeZIX also makes it simple enough so that you do not have to know all about C# programming. With just a few simple lines of code, you can create very sophisticated control automation. HomeZIX C# scripts can even play WAV files to alarm, notify events, or create interesting effects. Advanced C# programmers can certainly enjoy the serial and TCP/IP programming within the C# script to communicate to the outside world: A/V devices, IR controller, etc…

Pricing and availability
The HomeZIX introductory offer is at $24.99, the cheapest price for home automation software that supports multiple technologies. HomeZIX FREE version (with limited physical devices) can be downloaded at: Online purchase is also available. Customers can get free technical support at

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