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What Did You Think of This Original X10 Home Automation Idea?

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Author Topic: Oldtimer's New X10 Forum Home Page - Includes System Diagrams & How To Make Them  (Read 36008 times)

Don N

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Good stuff Oldtimer,  Another method to acquire symbols, that I've used, is to use Microsoft Paint.  I've created several circuit diagrams of my house and have included X10 symbols for cameras, switches, appliance and lamp modules, motion sensors, RR501, TM751 etc. by doing a print screen and then copying the file into Microsoft Paint.  By highlighting the symbol I can save it to another Paint file and then reduce it to the proper size.  You can use the X10 sight or use the modules in AHP to get the symbols.  The modules within AHP are especially good.  The finished diagrams are very useful when troubleshoot.     
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