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Author Topic: The "NEW" LM465/WS467 (Early 2007) Don't Work Like the "OLD"...  (Read 10261 times)


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The "NEW" LM465/WS467 (Early 2007) Don't Work Like the "OLD"...
« on: September 05, 2007, 03:16:56 AM »

Charles Sullivan's TXT files (as of 10/12/2009):

The latest Charles Sullivan X10-related White Papers (including the NEW LM465 and NEW WS467) can be found at: Heyu: Documentation

Date Code Translation by Boiler:

The best we've been able to determine, the date code 07A05 corresponds to a manufacture date of January ("A"), fifth week ("05"), 2007 ("07").  There may also be a firmware revision label.  The format for these is typically PxxxxxE where the "E" is the firmware revision...

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