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Author Topic: to release EZSwitch30 10/15/07 X10 Load control solution!  (Read 11626 times)


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The EZSWITCH is a high current (30Amps) relay module that responds to INSTEON and X10 On/Off commands sent through the power line. The module contains dual relays with available normally-open or normally-closed contacts. Thus, it is possible to switch both legs of a 220VAC 2-phase circuit, and control the load to be activated with either ON or OFF commands. Activating with OFF commands might be desirable in cases where a failure in the switch would leave the load energized.
EZSWITCH30 has a built-in power line interface and its programming control is done through the power line.

“ The EZSWITCH30 has many energy saving applications. One very exciting possibility is for turning off heavy duty appliances, such as water heaters during peak demand hours”
- Cheryl Smith, Director of Marketing

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