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Author Topic: Does Vanguard Utilze Macros?  (Read 11946 times)


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Does Vanguard Utilze Macros?
« on: October 16, 2007, 06:15:38 PM »


I haven't completely decided upon Vanguard or WebView, although leaning towards Vanguard, but have a question regarding Vanguard/Sentinel camera control using motion detection and camera preset positions.

I understand that I can have the cameras move to pre-set positions based upon movement, but
can I have the cameras return to their starting position after a preset time frame of no movement?
I probably could use an additional motion detector to have them return to 'start', but would prefer not
to in case for whatever reason the cause of movement does not get caught by the 'last' detector.
An just have no movement for X amout of time return them to their start positions.



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Re: Does Vanguard Utilze Macros?
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2008, 06:29:01 PM »

No macros in vangaud. I found out the hard way.


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Re: Does Vanguard Utilze Macros?
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2008, 06:46:02 PM »

I can't comment on Multiview as I Haven't played with it yet! ::)
But as Priority Support  stated
No macros in vangaud
Vangaurd isn't capable of using macros directly!
I'd have to suggest ActiveHome Pro as it is on special with all plug-ins right now!
Note: You will still need a VA11A but you'd need it with Multiview or Vanguard any ways!
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