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Author Topic: floodcam &vangard  (Read 9350 times)


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floodcam &vangard
« on: October 22, 2007, 02:31:14 PM »

I just installed a floodcam along with the vangard prog. and everything seems to be working I can watch  live video and it stores it on my C Drive in images but I cant access the video  images.   when I go to history nothing shows up on the the timeline  so I think I am doing something wrong or missing some step   I would appreciate any Help when I try to open the files on my C drive  I get the snapshots, but when I try videos,I get "not a valid win 32 Application & It shuts down vanguard. ???
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Re: floodcam &vangard
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2007, 12:52:10 PM »

This post seems to be slipping through the cracks here. Could you supply more information, like the operating system........
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Re: floodcam &vangard
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2007, 08:52:24 PM »

Fill out this form:



Computer make:


Anti virus:

Messages that appare on screen:

Steps you have try-ed to resolve this problem:
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