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Is the video "cool"

I want it to be on Pay Per view

Author Topic: Cool Sentinel Pan Tilt Clip.  (Read 5856 times)


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Cool Sentinel Pan Tilt Clip.
« on: June 26, 2008, 11:45:58 PM »

OK I got a sentinel and right after installing it there was a CAR CRASH ??? . This is how it went I herd tires skiding and turned to see two cars hit, right in the view of the DEMO CAMERA. I decided after being questioned by the police i deciden  >*< , to pan the camera towards the crash place.

Get the kids, they can see the fire truck go "bye-bye"  rofl.

Heres a link to the video: it opens in Windows Media Player.

I did not speed up the camera the sentinel I have pans that quick. X10 Please don't use this video for profit's or advertising.
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Re: Cool Sentinel Pan Tilt Clip.
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2008, 11:46:18 AM »

You might have to right click and select "save target as" to play it.
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