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Author Topic: Remote Access Software Tips- My way to make 100% reliability  (Read 6263 times)


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I recommend these tips if you have remote accesssoftware for your cameras...

1) install in safemode with networking enabled

2) Make sure you have all firewalls and Internet security suites disable, if possible install then for installation

3) Before you install run a virus scan, here's a strong and FREE one:

4) When installing make sure no other programs are running on the background, including X10 software

5) After you install, reboot, don't enter any registration codes until after you have rebooted.

6) When you get done installing the software setup port forwarding (if you use a router)

7) Enter you log-in and passwords into the software you want to use and REBOOT.

8 )  Have the computer connect to x10s server then reboot again
9) Install the activex controls on the remote computer and reboot, try installing activex controls in safe mode

After that you should be all good, I hope this helps for people that are purchasing the software. If you already have it installed you have to remove all x10 related files for this to work, or ever do the easyest a hard drive format. This hemped improve Vangaurd/Sentinel internet control center (like myhouse and iwitness).

Leave questions, comments, and concerns below.

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