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Author Topic: Have to re-install VA11A driver after every boot??  (Read 3472 times)


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Have to re-install VA11A driver after every boot??
« on: October 14, 2008, 08:13:57 AM »

Dell Latitude laptop - single USB + PCMCIA USB card - XP-SP2.
Was working fine until I became unable to correctly translate Security Remote signals.  So I re-formatted & reinstalled everything.

2 problems - 1st., the Power Scheme changes on it's own.  I want it to never STANDBY, but it changes itself - I know, I have a past post that explains how to fix-it, but it didn't (I'll try again, the Dewar's might have gotten in the way)
2nd - If I don't reinstall iWitness or the MAY drivers update after every boot, the video doesn't come on.

I guess I'll go googling...
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