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Author Topic: Ghost signals?  (Read 3064 times)


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Ghost signals?
« on: October 26, 2008, 06:59:17 AM »

I have ghosts in my X10.   :o  Has to be ghosts.   :o

My bedside lamp was turning itself on at "just before 10 p.m." for a month. With each occurrance, the exact time was a few minutes different.  My wife got so used to it that she'd just reach over and hit the L3=OFF button on her Security Remote....   Next night, "See, there it goes again!"

I'd run downstairs and search the Activity Monitor logs - nothing, nada, zip, nyet.  Other than te L3-OFF signals, there was no traffic.

So here's a question - If a neighbor is causing the problem, wouldn't the RF have to get transceived somehow?  And wouldn't that show up in the Monitor?

------------  or if some idiot forgot to move the "run" switch on an MT10A  --------------
I'm still getting some not-too-random light actions, with no Monitor log entries.  My next step is to actually unplug the MT10A.....
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