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Author Topic: I have a lot of trouble whit the vanguard and te .va12adll  (Read 8061 times)


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I have a lot of trouble whit the vanguard and te .va12adll
« on: October 28, 2008, 02:18:36 PM »

Hi,  Iīm in mexico and i canīt run the program in may computer.

1, When x10 send me the software, and I run the set up, this only let me see the vanguard program for internet, but no have a software for run in may hard drive. I can see the x 10 in the television.

2.- The hardware Usb adapter, doesn'tīt work. May Xp windows say "the driver do not work tray to reinstall the driver V12a (i donīt remember the name). I tray several times and nothing work.

3.- I call to x10 support bot they toll me that I need a level 2 technical support. but that was 6 day ago and no bory is call me yet.

Please, if some one have the experience for help me I really appreciate.

I don't domain the english, but a make a greater effort. If some one knows spanish that be grate.

TKS; Gracias.
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Re: I have a lot of trouble whit the vanguard and te .va12adll
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2008, 09:24:26 AM »

Hola amigo,

I worked on this issue several days, Windows always show the VA11A as an unknown device. I was unable to go further in the installation of Vanguard software.

This device MUST to work with USB 2 port. I have USB 2 Port but this was an electrical issue. Depending of your motherboard installed in your computer you should not have enough Current to feed this device or all the devices plug in the USB 2 Ports.

So I bought a USB Hub (30 $ (Can)) with an adapter plug in a wall outlet to solve this issue.

Yo compro un USB Cubo (30 $ (Can)) con un adaptator connectar en un tomacorrientes para reslover el drama.

Buena suerte!!

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